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Dr Aviva Kotler

Dr Kotler is the practice principle of AGPAL accredited Chase Medical Centre. The clinic has been established for over 30 years. Dr Kotler is an experienced family doctor and has worked in all areas of general practice. Her expertise include women’s health, family planning,  vaccinations, sports medicine, travel health, stress management and mental health.  

Dr Kotler also specialises in occupational health and assists in the rehabilitation of

her patients. Working closely with allied and specialised health services, Dr Kotler ensures a multidisciplinary approach providing the best health care outcome.  

Dr Kotler provides personalised care to her patients, especially patients on busy schedules trying her best to accommodate your needs.


Simone is the Admin/Receptionist at Chase Medical Centre. She has a background working in reception for general practice. Simone can assist with  any clinical administrative queries. 


For any questions please contact 9650 5494. 


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